How To Install WampServer on Windows
How To Install WampServer on Windows

In this tutorial, we will discuss all the steps required to install WampServer on Windows for developing PHP applications.

Download WampServer

Click Here to open the WampServer site and scroll down as shown in Fig 1. It shows the most recent version of the Wamp Server i.e. 3.2.0 and bundled with Apache 2.4, PHP 5.6, PHP 7.3, PHP 7.4, MySQL 5.7, MySQL 8.0, MariaDB 10.3, MariaDB 10.4, Adminer 4.7 and PhpMyAdmin 4.9.

Download WampServer

Fig 1

Now click on the title WAMPSERVER 64 BITS (X64) 3.0.6 and it will show a message dialog as shown in Fig 2.

Download Message

Fig 2

Click the Download Directly Link which leads to the SourceForge repository of WampServer or Wamp Server having the latest and all the previous releases as shown in Fig 3.

SourceForge Repository

Fig 3

It will start downloading the file wampserver3.2.0_x64.exe. You can also download the previous releases by clicking the Files Tab to start the download of the older versions of WampServer. You can also follow the link having the latest build to download it manually.

Install WampServer

Now double click the installer to start the installation. It shows a popup having language selection options as shown in Fig 4.

Language Selection

Fig 4

Select the appropriate language for WampServer and click the OK Button. It shows the next popup having License Agreement details as shown in Fig 5.

Accept License Agreement

Fig 5

Accept the License Agreement and click the Next Button. It shows the next popup having information specific to the installation as shown in Fig 6.

Install Instructions

Fig 6

Click the Next Button to move ahead. The next popup provides options to choose install location as shown in Fig 7.

Install Location

Fig 7

Select the appropriate install location and click the Next Button. The next popup provides options to choose the installation components as shown in Fig 8.

Installation Components

Fig 8

It makes it mandatory to install Apache, PHP 5.6, MariaDB, PhpMyAdmin, Adminer, and PhpSysInfo. It also provide options to install MySQL as an optional component. I have skipped MySQL since it was installed separately using its own installer as shown in How To Install MySQL 8 With Workbench On Windows 10.

Click the Next Button to continue installing the Wamp Server. The next screen provides options to configure the Start Menu Option as shown in Fig 9.

Sortcut Menu Option

Fig 9

Update the Menu name if required and click the Next Button. The next popup asks confirmation before starting the actual installation as shown in Fig 10.

Confirm Installation

Fig 10

Click the Install Button to start the installation. It will show the installation progress as shown in Fig 11.

Installation Progress

Fig 11

The installer asks for Default Browser and provides options to change it as shown in Fig 12.

Default Browser

Fig 12

Press Yes Button in case the default browser has to be changed else press No Button to keep IE i.e. Edge as the default browser. The default browser will be set for WampServer based on your selection. The installer shows warning messages as shown in Fig 13.

Installation Warning

Fig 13

Click the Next Button to process the installation. After completing the installation, the last popup shows the success message as shown in Fig 14.

Installation Completion

Fig 14

Click the Finish Button to close the installer. These are the basic steps required to install the WampServer on Windows 10.

Verify Installation

Execute the desktop shortcut icon to start WampServer. It will start MySQL and Apache configured for PHP. It might show the error of missing MSVCR110 DLL as shown in Fig 15. Downloading and installing the Visual C++ Redistributable will resolve this issue.

Missing MSVCR110 DLL

Fig 15

Now open the browser and test the URL http://localhost to confirm the installation. The default page will look similar to the one shown in Fig 16.

Confirm Installation

Fig 16


In this tutorial, we have installed the most recent version of the WampServer on Windows 10 and also confirm the installation by opening the landing page of the Wamp Server.

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